Kwebang Lampas: An Overnight Getaway

Quick Facts about Kwebang Lampas*

  • Located in Barangay Isla Polo, Pagbilao, Quezon Province
  • Great for group travelers who wants beach camping
  • Clear turquoise water
  • Has powdery white sand in random areas

*These are just based on my personal observation. I didn’t really get detailed facts about this island, if you have something to share or add, please leave  a comment below.

Top 6 Things to Do in Kwebang Lampas

  1. Beach bum
  2. Island hopping (some islands have entrance fee)*
  3. Trip to sandbar
  4. Stargazing (if you’ll stay overnight), this is really amazing
  5. Snorkeling
  6. Photo op
    *We didn’t do island hopping as we are on a budget. We chose to visit sandbar as the bangkero recommended


Kwebang Lampas Registration Area

Bound to Kwebang Lampas. Start trek here, it may take 5 to 7 minute trek. You also have the option to ride a boat for P250.

This is me your travel pal 😉 And this is my signature pose :p

Building tent beachfront, however, this will be very hot at noon time. Anyway, you’re there to ‘beach bum’

Kwebang Lampas from afar. See how clear the water is? 🙂

Front view of Kwebang Lampas

Pagbilao Power Plant, a view when we’re bound to the sandbar

Walking around at the Sandbar

Right in front of Kwebang Lampas

Your barkada can do jumpshots at the sandbar

Inside the Kwebang Lampas. It has clear water and a lot of rocks

Photo op in Kwebang Lampas

Travel Time Quick Info

1. From Ortigas Pasig to Pagbilao; 4.5 hours
2. 1 or 2 minute boat ride
3. 5 – 7 minute trek ’til you reach Kwebang Lampas


I traveled with a group so I think this is cheaper:

Van, Food, Entrance Fees, Boat ride: P1000
Tent Rental: P200-P300 (if you have your own tent, you still have to pay P200)
Coffee: P20
Island hopping: P100; this is each individual contribution for boat rental fee (P1200)
Water: For taking a bath; P50, ~30 liters of water in a container (Yeah, I know, it’s overpriced)

My personal overall expenses: ~P1500 (this includes a side trip in Pililia Wind Farm, I’ll write about it on my next post)

You also have the option to rent pillows and banig.
Pillows: P100 each (plus refundable deposit of P100)
Bedding: P200

Travel Tips

  1. DO NOT LITTER, always consider the environment. You can also bring your own garbage bag.
  2. Bring your own food and drinks if you’re on a budget. But if you want to spend money and support people’s livelihood in the island, you can buy from them but expect high price.
  3. If you’re not nice, you will not be treated nicely. Do not expect special guest treatment.
  4. Travel light as much as possible
  5. Heads up! Rest rooms are dirty. Don’t expect too much 😉
  6. Relax, have fun!

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